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F urban dictionary

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Waiting for friends and lovers i am seeking someone to hang out with be friends and possable sex relationship with. Like to do a variety of things such as going to church, movies, music, bowling, board games.

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To obtain such a legendary grade upon your classroom input, one must work hard and put in thousands upon thousands of samples of ignorance while simultaneously putting in time unworthy dictionqry class participation points such as the classic " A for effort ". Not to mention this is chemistry class, NOT geometry calgary shemale escort, and doing a demonstration on finding the area of a Pokeball will get you nowhere in life.

MorF A person free of apparent sexual classification traits including but not limited to facial hair, breasts, Adam's appleand gender-specific clothing. Randy : " Miguelis that a male or female?

Such a feat as acquiring an F- is not an easy gain, and the everyday slacker will just not do. In most cases, this grade is cictionary beyond fail that it equals win. Derived from the customary question to other onlookers: Male or Female?

F- The legendary grade of myth given by teachers to those students demonstrating a level of suck beyond imaginable. Note: This term does not imply that the allegedly gender-neutral person can tangibly "morph" from one sex to another, but only that dictilnary may appear to modulate in gender over time. Teacher: I called upon you to do your presentationso you walked to the front of class, sat in my valuable teachers' desk that I paid for with my own money, and managed to break it.

Acquiring an F minus for a grade is such a feat beyond the norm that this student must be beyond hope.